2030 by Albert Brooks

2030Why you should read this book
When science makes us live longer, will you get your just desserts?

2030 poses some very interesting questions without ever really posing them. In the year 2030, cancer has been cured, people are living longer, there is a pill for just about everything and the populace of the United States in 2030 is older and prosperous. At least some of them are. Left behind in all of this progress are the Gen X age group and in this novel as in real life, they’re resentful that all of their progress, all of their tax dollars and basically all of their lives are going to take care of the older generation (the Baby Boomers). Brooks explores what it means when a whole generation has not only had their share of the pie, they’re snapping up the shares of the generations after them. Radical “youth” groups form and start attacking the elderly as the youth feel more and more hemmed in. They look around and see what is left to them and are embittered by a tattered environment, sky rocketing health costs, and limited job opportunities. 2030 is a reflection of where society is headed as the Boomer generation ages. Our advice for this one: batten down the hatches for a dose of your future.

By Amal Chaaban

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